Monday, October 29, 2007

Bad Name, Good Food

Anyone remember the antiques holdout Cluttered Closet at 12th/Clayton (?)?
Well, it’s now a happenin’ neighborhood Italian joint.

It’s like a cross between Il Posto (starter menu on chalkboard, crowded vibe) and the Cherry Tomato (yuppie neighborhood crowd) and Stella (a little on the avant garde side of Italian).

They’re covering the gamut, starting with $2 and $4 chalkboard antipasti with a wine list and all the requisite $15 Italian dishes plus some steaks, prefaced by choice of Caesar or house and closed by homemade desserts.

Run by a descendent of next door’s Zorba’s, with an open kitchen and a crowded TV-bar, there is a garage door and patio seating that awaits warmer weather. Oh, and they have brunch. Yeah.

Oh, did I mention the name is Shells and Sauce? Boo.

You can check out the review under Eat, Drink at a fellow blogger's site, Future Gringo. Gabby liked it.


james said...

Hey guys - Thanks for the link to my post.

So my more than mundane plug for a cozy local business has cartwheeled into insanity by an overenthusiastic patron (or shill,) of Shells and Sauce.

Either way Paul is completely ape shit over this place. His comments (7 and 12) are bizarre and entertainingly weird, and he wants to treat us all to free appetizers and drinks to prove his authenticity:

If there's a promised land in the great void of life it looks like he's found it here.

All the best - great blog too.


ChristianLiberalChick said...

So apparently the nut job commenting on James' site thinks this place is so good he's offered to buy drinks & apps for anyone on Thursdays between 4:30-6:30...keep an eye on James' site for a group gathering...could be an interesting social experiment :)