Thursday, October 4, 2007

Even more Premiere Recaps- III

Pushing Daisies- Jeepboy declares, "So much better than those other turds." Beyond beautiful footage of flowers and pies (yum), this show brings the Quirk. It is very hard to describe but Television without Pity tried. This one should get space on your recording schedule/high speed Internet viewing calendar. RW.

Big Bang Theory- Stereotypical geeks are in this year. I have now watched 2 episodes of this show and it makes me miss The Class. My theory on this one is NRW.

Aliens in America has one thing going for it: Luke Danes. If this is really "the best new show" then it must require a "grows on ya" investment -ala 30 Rock or Arrested Development. RW/NRW? Too soon to tell.

From start to finish... Last night was the finale of Top Chef on Bravo. Hung as Top Chef- Ick! Yet another freaking male top chef. boo! On a related note, I have decided I do not like the term "foodie". It has never been a word I used but I tolerated it until Bravo launched this Bravo for Foodies campaign. The term "Foodie" is now on notice to me.


InfoChef said...

Virtual VCR....good idea, I think. Thanks!

rebeckspe said...

I watched the first 20 mins of Pushing Daisies. Interesting concept.