Thursday, October 25, 2007

NW Denver - District 5

Thanks DHP for the voting guide info below. For the NW Denver crowd, I started some research on the 4 candidates for District 5: Mr. Silva, Mr. Gutierrez, Mr. Jimenez, and Mr. Curcio.*

The most difficult to google award goes to Raymond J Gutierrez. He has yard signs in the 'hood but I couldn't dig up anything about him online.

Most likely NOT to get IC's vote goes to Jose G Silva.

Why I am running: I am running for school board cause I have been able to bring effictive change to my community for over 15 years. My exprerience in Washington D.C working with Federal Agencies and raising over 20 million dollars shows that I have the respect of National Educators and can raise private sector dollars to support the need for supplemental programs that is badly needed in DPS. Also I am the only candidate that is an educator, and I am the only candidate that has actually taught in the classroom. I know the needs of students and am the only candidate that can fully address them and bring change!

Most likely to have an REI loyalty card: Tony Curcio

My interests and hobbies: My hobbies used to include rock climbing, snow boarding, fishing, and kayaking. Except for rock climbing, which still happens only rarely, most of these activities are relegated to my pre-kid life.

Also, Mr. Curcio wins the highest score for Buzzword Bingo

Why I am running: We are at the tipping point of providing great education to all kids in DPS.

What makes me stand out as a candidate? I am reform-minded, experienced, and action-oriented.

This leaves Arturo Jimenez in the lead by default. The Colorado Parent Coalition (he is the president of the board) is funded by good folk and seems less annoying than the NorthWest Parents for Excellent Schools linked to Tony Curcio.

I am still not sold and need to do more research. If anyone knows this Gutierrez character, can you tell him to get on the web already.

*One of these candidates is not like the others. Couldn't even get one token Latino to your house party, Mr. Curcio?


rebeckspe said...

An acquaintance of mine (wouldn't go so far as to call her a friend), Jill Conrad, who was elected to the School Board last year has endorsed Jiminez, saying; "Arturo impressed me from the first moment I met him. He is a long-time community activist with deep connections to the parent community that DPS
often has a difficult time teaching and staying in touch with as reform moves forward. We absolutely need this kind of insight and expertise on our
board! What impresses me about Arturo is that he is thoughtful about the important policy choices we must make while also understanding that the"how" we approach things with regard to community input needs to change. I
share his perspective on this and I'd like to have the opportunity to
work with him to make this happen in Denver. He is a candidate who
understands that delicate balance and not likely to fall prey to some of the political influences that can take the focus off this essential element of school

Also, Ray Gutierrez is sending lots of mailings and has ads in the North Denver News and Tribune. He was a DPS product, was elected president of his class his senior year at North HS, and then DROPPED OUT. He got a GED and is now the *head clerk* at Safeway. Yikes.

rebeckspe said...

ps. sorry for the formatting - but i had to cut and paste the info on Jiminez from a yahoo email spam i got from Jill last week. Also, she endorses Pena & Hoyt.

DenverHotPants said...

I would actually count Jill Conrad in my "friend" category. I'll take her recommendation(s).

InfoChef said...

Another great call by CD2E on the IC thoughts (following the 'who are these people on WB2 and how do my friends know them?! call). Bold emphasis are my additions.

But then I reflected on spelling as a criteria for elected office. Because I do think that head clerk at Safeway might be a good position to represent. However, I have decided that graduating from the system and proper spelling are important criteria for school board electees. Not to mention that knowing how to work withing the system points is an indicator of greater success during the term.

codown2earth said...

RE: NW Parents for Excellent Schools, JB remarked that the organization name sounds like a militant hate group.

Thanks for the info Rebeckspe & DHP. Jimenez seems to be the guy.

rebeckspe said...

the "excellent" term makes me think of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Such a child of the 80's.

InfoChef said...

Here's our blog colleague's view and points for Curcio (and against Gutierrez and Jimenez, as well as no-longer-running Silva--gosh, all that spelling must've gotten to him):

InfoChef said...

That's better viewed at