Thursday, October 25, 2007

The only bee in your bonnet

"And if you think this episode was good without a special appearance by the music of They Might Be Giants, just imagine how good it is with one." ~ Television without Pity on this week's Pushing Daisies.


Anonymous said...

Certainly this show will be cancelled. It is way too smart and hip for the general public.

codown2earth said...

Arrested Development made it for 3 whole seasons. Of course the PD guy did another series that never even aired the whole season, Wonderfalls. It may be something for your Netflix list.

rebeckspe said...

Speaking of TMBG (kind of), I had lunch with my ex husband on Friday and his phone ring is "Bird House in Your Soul".

It *almost* was the exception to the Song as Phone Ringtone Rule.