Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Silver Lining

CD2E and I saw the worst movie ever, Feast of Love. It gets this review due to the fact that is was horribly clichéd without any irony, and that it is being pitched as "the season's first Oscar-worthy film". Seriously (spoiler alert), it was set in Portland, OR so of course the lead characters were 1) a college professor (black guy, as if there are actually any in Portland) and 2) the owner of a coffee house. And, the lesbian couple played softball. And the coffee house employees had tattoos and drug addictions. Good god. It would have been an emotionally draining movie had I had any emotional connection at all to the characters, which was impossible due to poor writing and the lack of irony. It straight-up sucked.

The movie that previously held the DHP worst-movie-ever title was My Best Friends Wedding. The ten year run was bound to be broken at some point.

So, the silver lining is that Feast of Love has a fantastic soundtrack, complete with local Portland alt-folk bands and Travis.

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