Saturday, December 8, 2007


So the 20-something with a 500 ft condo behind our house left her dog in the yard since at least before the mail arrived yesterday. Around 6pm the dog dug out of his tiny little yard and had run of the overgrown area between our fence and the individual tiny yard fences for all the tiny condo yards.... driving our dogs apeshit. 12 hours later, JB was throwing a dog pillow over the fence and hand feeding him/her hotdogs through the fence. Knocking on doors in the row got no response. So there was fence climbing, notes left on doors and now said dog is at our house hanging with Ms B while the Black Dog Duo are locked in our bedroom (with a Beethoven movie on the TV). And I suppose we are Dognappers. This is so not the relaxing Saturday I had ordered.

Update: So finally talked to the co-worker who was round 3 in dog care and the neighbor (in the mtns). 20-something #1 who was suppose to let the dog in, only looked in the tiny backyard for the dog and when he wasn't there (as he was stuck between that yard and ours)= #1 determined not that the dog might be in harm's way but instead that neighbor must have decided to take dog to the mtns instead. Then 20-something #2 who was suppose to let dog out of the house came over and discovered the dog was not inside (as he was never left inside). He went on with his day. It was round #3 who found our note, called, and was able to coordinate the dog back on the schedule of slacker care. Ms B, Gizmo, & visitor dog hung out for the afternoon with JB while Killer went along with me for my errands. Poor dog was already having a bad weekend, no need to for any territory defending violence. (Ateball, of course, thought is was just awesome to get to go on an extended car ride. She was so pleased, she decided to help drive and put the car in N and Winter mode several times during our travels.) At some point here the actual neighbor called us- in a panic- and thanked us.

But the real lesson here is that DHP rocks and we are so lucky to have her as a dogsitter.


InfoChef said...

Last time we did this, we experienced a threatening knock at 2AM to return the dog immediately.

I guess neighbors are scary too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Having just left the cat for 5 days and returning to find that he had been good the whole time, I wonder why anyone who doesn't have a good dog-sitter or who can't afford to take the dog with them owns a dog. Get a cat dammit!