Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Jesus Camp: The saga continues

Subtitle: Oh my fucking god!

Last night Rspe & I watched Jesus Camp. To quote Rspe "Okay, let me say that this was the single most disturbing movie that I have seen in years." It was.

Tonight I watched the deleted scenes. Here are some of the highlights:
1. A parade of about 20 small children walking through the streets of Lee Summit, MO speaking in tongues and praying to Jesus. It culminates with them laying their hands on the VFW hall (likely with vets drinking inside who have been turned out by their government) and praying for their safety in Iraq.
2. Everything is OK (especially war) so long as "God told you to do that".
3. "When I was growing up, Christians were very docile, very passive." "Now we fight by lifting our voices to heaven, we fight with our votes . . . that is the way we go to war." "We read to the back of the book. We win.

Also, I didn't know that Veggie Tales was a christian program until I saw this documentary. It is shown on regular tv!! And, I don't think they pay for the air time.

You should watch this documentary with the commentary on. It gives the insight of the documentarians during the filming. Fanstastic.


rebeckspe said...

p.s. Pastor Ted (Haggard) actually used the word "FAB YOU LUSS" with a flourish in this movie. No one knew he was gay!?


InfoChef said...

But if you've seen Veggie Tales, you know that not only are they based on tales of Christian morality, you know they are witty and clever and pull a lot from adult humor. Thumbs up from IC.

ChristianLiberalChick said...

Veggie tales is actually good mainline Christian TV - nothing pushy, but simply stating some human community living values. We use them a lot in church.

As for Jesus sounds like pure cult activity using the Christian name as an excuse to attempt to justify it. Any true Christian knows that we would never advocate forcing beliefs on anyone. That's freaking scary.