Thursday, December 13, 2007

Please don't try to save me with your christmas card.

Yep, my first x-mas card arrived and it is smug and offensive. It came from the cousin who changed her e-mail address from wildscorpio because it was too racy. The front reads "Our lives and homes are truly blessed when warmed by the Saviour's love and rest." I know, I should not have opened it. It's not like it was going to get any better. Inside, the card reads "A prayer that you and your loved ones will be surrounded in the warmth of Jesus' love this Christmas. Have a Blessed Christmas."

Since I can't find a 'Jesus, save me from your followers' christmas card, this is the only appropriate card to respond with. I'd also like to find a 'please stop pushing your religion on me' e-card. I'm going to make the suggestion to these folks.


InfoChef said...

The eecards are hysterical!

On a different note, I am somewhat concerned about the lack of use of Barbicide at Paris Nails.

Anonymous said...

The one at 6th & Grant puts their utencils the newfangled UV sanitizer boxes.
Much better than barbicide, or so I blindedly percieve.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I'm totally sending my jesus-freak cousin the "I gave my love to jesus and then he never called" x-mas card with an Eid stamp on it. "Eat Shit Jesus Freak".

codown2earth said...

My neighborhood post office does not carry the Eid stamps!