Thursday, January 24, 2008

Crazy Cart Collections @ SuperTarget

This weekend JB & I decided we "needed" a Heated Blanket (which turned into a Heated Mattress Pad) to battle the 3 degree weather. The regular Target had cleared these out already to make room for beach towels and bathing suits so we made the pilgrimage to the Super Target.

I would have blogged about our delightful, dual-control heated mattress pad sooner except that requires getting out of bed. One of the best features is slipping into a pre-warmed bed without the guilt of stealing your partner's hard earned warm spot. Some may suggest we already had 3 bed warmers, however, Tres Elefantes follow their humans around like paparazzi and have no interest in pre-warming the bed before humans arrive. And the frequent bed visiting Goofador, Gizmo, does not put out any heat. She is a freak of nature that way.

Back to SuperTarget... we also ended up with Chicken Wing Chips which tasted disturbingly like chicken and have been banned from our home due to their highly addictive attributes. They were featured in a Rachel Ray Everyday article about snack foods that taste like other foods. The kind of food you know you should avoid yet when you see it in the end cap at SuperTarget... there is goes in your basket.

Other items included the difficult to located 2% Sharp Cheddar Cheese sticks (KS only has mild cheddar - blah!) and some toiletries. So when we go to check out the friendly cashier asks if we were stocking up for "the game". "Um, sure" replies JB. So I know we don't watch a lot of sports at our house but what the heck kind of game would be augmented by a heated mattress pad, fake food flavored chips, individually wrapped cheese snacks, and a fresh bottle of shampoo?

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