Saturday, January 12, 2008

A January Saturday Afternoon

I am back on the road for work and in that "on" position for long days at my destination. This type of travel always clarifies my introvert status as the only way that I can recharge is a low key weekend at home. After a long mid-morning nap, I am doing some surfing and reading online this morning in my office, tres elefantes are all curled up together on the rug at my feet, and JeepBoy is stretched out on the futon reading. The sun pours in through the Juliet balcony and window where we are warm inside. A perfectly lovely January Saturday Afternoon.

In a web search for High Altitude Pizza Dough I stumbled on Life at 303 Williams: the impact of a Kingsolver's latest (I think latest) book on this woman's life. It is an interesting read. Somewhere buried in there is a link to this article which is also interesting:
Act Locally, Think Regionally.

As soon as my iPod recharges, I am headed out to the grocery to pick up a few reinforcements for the rest of the weekend.

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DenverHotPants said...

That is perfect. After the trip to Portland got cancelled due to poor weather, I spent my Saturday stretched out on my couch watching movies and episodes of the West Wing. It was good.