Sunday, February 17, 2008

Where you might find CD2E & JB in the near future...

Saturday, 2/23/08, 2 - 4:30 pm @ Denver Central Public Library
Fresh City Life: I Speak Out with David Amram, Panama Soweto and The Flobots

Friday, 2/22 or Saturday 2/23, 8:30 pm @ Starz Filmcenter
Mile High Sci-Fi (ala Mystery Science Theatre) Logan's Run

Friday, 3/21 or Saturday 3/22 @ Comedy Works
John Oliver (We already have our tickets for the Saturday 8:30 pm show. Seats are GA if anyone is interested in joining us.)


The Network said...
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InfoChef said...

I'm surprised we won't be seeing you at 'CSO Plays the Music of Queen' on Saturday night!

codown2earth said...

JB has also requested to go to Loose Change on 2/26. He is really pushing this birthday thing into a borderline freak fest.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if I am allowed back in Comedy Works yet.