Friday, March 14, 2008


I noticed a new link to "gluten free girl". I appologize for this if one of the crafters has a new alergy to gluten but ... what is with this new craze? And why has one of the crafters jumped on the bandwagon? Gluten-free "food" is disgusting, and dry, and well, disgusting. Again, appologies if there is some new food allergy in the group.

And how did some people start becoming allergic to gluten anyway. Or wheat, or whatever is hip in the allergy world?

And since I'm asking pointed questions, who the heck is Craft-AR? This person has been referenced on a number of occasions now, yet I have no idea who it is. Amazing Peeps sculputre though. I hope she won the prize. That was one inspired production.

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codown2earth said...

I like Gluten-Free girl's blog... especially now that she is doing a newly weekly thing throwing out a food and having folk comment on it.

I think Craft-AR is an occasional crafter with no blog name but I could be wrong.