Monday, April 7, 2008

In need of medical/construction opinion

So, I've been sick for months. It started with influenza in January (an actual medical diagnosis by a certified Md), then went on to tonsillitis (nurse diagnosis), and a mild case of food poisoning (self-diagnosis). Here's the thing ... Whenever I spend more than 24 hours in my apartment (aka, weekends) I wake up with a sore throat, sometimes a mild fever, and loss of my voice (some might find this an ok symptom, but I hate it).

Also, I recently (the past 2 months) am cleaning a fine white dust off of every surface ... most noticeable on the TV. Since I've given up smoking inside my apartment (and nearly everywhere else except on special occasions) and there is no construction happening in or around my house, I'm wondering what the heck this is and if it is causing my weekend illness. Any guesses? I can't get in to my doctor until mid-May for a physical.


InfoChef said...

Meth by-product? Arid climate dust containing allergens? House-settling dust including things like rock-wool insulation, asbestos pipe wrap, etc.--all of the lovely things in old houses.

Questions--is this a new phenomenon or were you just never in your house for 24 hours previously? Do your neighbors notice this dust?

Suggestion--call the friendly tax-funded folks over at CDPHE. Maybe they can recommend some kind of test on the dust.

Anonymous said...

Oh please don't let that be asbestos. And, just as quickly as the dust arrived, it has vanished. The next time it rears its ugly head, I'm calling CDPHE.