Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Spoiler Alert. Hated it.

I was talked into seeing Sex And The City tonight. I'm going to assume that everyone has already seen it. If not, stop reading, but really I'm not going to give anything away.

There was no plot of which to speak. It could have been at least an hour shorter. There was very little drinking, very little sex, no love affair with the city (and wasn't that kind of the point of the show?), and no gay boyfriends. The affirmative action role was the best played part. Everything I loved about the original show was absent from the movie. And Smith did not age well.

Blech. It could have used a cocktail break at the very least.


codown2earth said...

darn it. I have not seen it and was waiting for your return. My expectations were low to start with.

DenverHotPants said...

Oh crap! I had not heard anything since the last e-mail exchange and figured you had seen it over the weekend.

I figured it would at least be a nice break from reality, but it was 2.5 hours of drivel instead. Go to a mantinee and be ready to sit for a long time.

rebeckspe said...

i respectfully disagree with DHP. i thoroughly enjoyed it, thought it went quickly and had fun.

of course, i had three martinis beforehand and went with very low expectations, so was pleasantly surprised.