Monday, August 25, 2008

Crowd Control Bingo (or the missing Seuss book)

Yesterday JB & I went downtown to the Anti-War protest and the Green Fest. We saw...

Cops on foot
Cops on foot with dogs
Cops in cars
Cops in SUVs
Cops on the outside of SUVs
Cops on bicycles
Cops on motorcycles
Cops on motorbikes
Cops on horses
Cops on ponies
Cops in golf carts
Cops on Segways

1 comment:

ChristianLiberalChick said...

Dr. Suess would have been proud of your work. Amazing what a few idiots can elicit. I'm going down there Thursday daytime (just so I can say I went). Can't wait to see what our public servants with guns are doing tomorrow.

(Yes, it's really me...Back from the land of working too damn much, owning an old home, and having crazy parental units.)