Friday, August 22, 2008

John McCain is not benign

The customer in front of me and the 20 something cashier at Sunflower- a self described "Hil-dog"- were venting about street closures to allow protests during the convention. I made the mistake of engaging in the conversation. "Hil-dog" doesn't think it is fair (1) that protesters don't have free range and then (2) that the closures will prevent his free range access to bars. He had some whine about those of us who aren't going to vote for Obama why should we be inconvenienced. And so I said something like you can't let McCain win and he says, "Oh, it's just McCain. It's not like it is Romney."

WTF. John McCain is not benign. Does he think just because McCain is a frequent guest on The Daily Show that it is not big deal if he gets elected? Especially this kid in his early 20s. Did you hear that McCain said he "does not disagree" with a townhall supporter earlier this week who called for a Draft? You think street closures next week are inconvenient. Try being deployed to Iraq! And you think we have freedom of speech issues now? What do you see happening with McCain's appointment to the Supreme Court? Heard of Roe-v-Wade?

People scare me.


Anonymous said...

I am going to do my very best to try not to kill a hippie during this convention. Totally would have punched the sunflower douchebag.

codown2earth said...

Yes, they should watch out for those hybrid SUVs. Would be a poetic death for some.