Thursday, August 7, 2008

One Less Hassle by TSA?

Will you be rushing right out to get a new laptop bag so you have one less 'chore' to do in the security line at the airport? I don't know, maybe TSA--oh even better, they have a BLOG!--could concentrate on something that benefits everyone, including the little old ladies in pumps who--like the rest of us--have to take their freakin' shoes off to walk on the filthy, germ-coated, bacteria-laden airport floor?!

Isn't this 'design contest' with select businesses kind of spoiling our established anti-trust laws? Or somewhat taste of government collusion with only major manufacturers??

Oh sure, the others will catch up, including my fav MP, but this screams of 'having money to make money' when the big guys get first shot and leave the rest to catch up to the market.


codown2earth said...

Here is a counter-rant:

It drives me crazy when people don't follow the rules. They are clearly posted and haven't really changed in a while. The rule is a quart size ziplock with 3 oz bottles (not 3 oz in an 8 oz container). The rule is take your laptop out. The rule is you take your shoes off. When you know the rules and try to argue your way around them with TSA- you are fucking it up for everyone else in line behind you. You are standing between me and my breakfast.

And for god's sake, if you are going to try to take a stand- take it in the novice travel lanes, not the expert lanes.

I have gotten nailed for undocumented rules (no play doh) and everyone forgets change in your pocket from time to time. It is the TSA-objectors who know they are causing a fuss or feel they are above the rules that really annoy me.

InfoChef said...

I do really hate the shoe thing, but I'm too afraid of national security to argue with them.

Expert travels have a lot of similar rants about the neophytes in message boards. But if confessed rule-breaker TikkiBaum is in front of them, they'd love her of course--the rules don't seem to apply there.

codown2earth said...

TikkiBaum left her oversized sun screen at my house after my rant at dinner.