Thursday, September 18, 2008

Martha, Martha, Martha

I have been in bed for the last two days treating a cold with rest, plenty of fluids, and a humidifier. I can't recall the last time I took two days off work to be sick. I have had plenty of time to catch up on my Martha.

Fine Living Network has just launched Whatever Martha where Alexis Stewart and Jennifer Koppelman Hutt mock old video footage of early Martha Stewart programming. (IC- Alexis & Jennifer also have a radio show on the Sirius Martha channel.)

I also caught Martha's regular show (the same one that plays on broadcast tv but is re-run on FLN) on the topic of blogging.

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InfoChef said...

Wow--make a whole new show hosting your mom's reruns...that is some genius mind at work. Love it.

And I'm for sure more in sync with Alexis than Martha--love the blog post about a cake "...couldn't bother to read through the whole recipe so I combined some steps and took it out of the oven too early--disaster--but popped it all back in, and it turned out not too bad!" :-)