Monday, September 15, 2008

Re-invented (again)

I think it is TJ Maxx who has a motto of "never the same place twice". It seems Gelman's has adopted this approach. Saturday night we discovered that Gelman's has forgotten that they are in a strip mall next to a Domino's and a by the scoop Chinese take out. They have moved further from casual neighborhood joint with yet another menu change and a velvet curtain at the entrance. The food was good but the tables were empty. I took advantage of the 3 course tasting menu while JB enjoyed the roast chicken (an entree that has made the cut through several menu changes.) Not that I can enjoy these days but I was most alarmed to see the Gorgonzola cheesecake had not made the cut. I really want this place to succeed but they worry me with the constant reinvention.

A sign that things are not going well- all the wait staff have turned over. But we found Springy Shoe girl at Mona's on Sunday morning. (Actually she recognized us but I guess it has been a while b/c she was thrown by my virgin bloody mary order... until I stood up.)

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