Monday, September 22, 2008

Voting Guide Part 1: The NOs

As with past Renegade Crafters voting guides- we suggest you vote "No" with few exceptions. This year the Nos includes a mix of good ideas that just shouldn't be included in the state constitution and pure evil anti-choice right wing bullshit (defining a person to include fertilized eggs).

No on Amendment 46: Discrimination and Preferential Treatment by Governments
No on Amendment 47: Prohibition on Mandatory Labor Union Membership and Dues
No on Amendment 48: Definition of Person
No on Amendment 49: Allowable Government Paycheck Deductions
No on Amendment 51: State Sales Tax Increase for Services for People with Developmental Disabilities (no constitutional earmarks)
No on Amendment 52: Use of Severance Tax Revenue for Highways (no constitutional earmarks)
No on Amendment 53: Criminal Accountability of Business Executives
No on Amendment 54: Campaign Contributions from Certain Government Contractors
No on Amendment 55: Allowable Reasons for Employee Discharge or Suspension
No on Amendment 56: Employer Responsibility for Health Insurance
No on Amendment 57: Additional Remedies for Injured Employees

1 comment:

Anonymous said...
They agree with us on near about everything (except Yes on 50)and have done a great review. Send to your lists.

They took the knee-jerk liberal stance on gambling...amendment 50. Personally, I'd love to have some roulette and craps here in Colorado. And damnit, all this does is allow those communities to vote on whether or not they want high-stakes gambling.