Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lunch @ Red Trolley

Perhaps to prepare for the winter, Red Trolley is expanding their offerings to include soups, salads, and popovers at lunch time. They are still working out the service kinks so not recommended if you are in a big hurry but the food was quite good. I had a cup of potato-leek soup, a salad of mixed organic greens-apples-pecans (had to opt out of the blue cheese crumbles), and a popover with peach preserves for $8. There isn't a menu but the choices provided to me verbally were two soups and two salads (the other was called the Red Trolley Salad so I assume that means it is standard. It involved goat cheese.) I took mine to go to make it home in time for a conference call so there was no temptation of an after lunch ice cream but they do have the $1 Tiny Trolley which might just make it the perfect lunch.

I saw the lunch news the other night when we went in for coffee from the fancy clover machine. (Now owned by Starbucks so only available at a limited number of local shops.) The decaf was excellent.

Oh, and Gelman's is now proudly serving Red Trolley ice cream.


InfoChef said...

Little Man is closed when it's raining at 8:45PM.
So, that gave us a chance to try gelatos: Smores, Hazelnut Chocolate, White Mocha, and something else.
I'm not gelato connoisseur but it seems like it's not quite firm enough.

And hot chocolate for $4.25--I guess the price is why you have to call it 'drinking chocolate' instead.

FYI, the Clover is no espresso maker. So no coffee drinks.

codown2earth said...

I think it is that not quite right texture that turns me off to all gelato. I also only like fruit flavored sorbet. Chocolate sorbet doesn't seem right to me either.