Saturday, October 25, 2008

Movies that feed the addiction

I, like most of you, am a total junkie for political news these days. I watch and read things that make me scream and rant and lie awake at night, and I keep watching and reading them. I'm obsessed. So our two most recent movie outings fed that obsession, but with different outcomes.

We drove 80 miles last weekend to Gainesville to see "Religulous". I did enjoy it quite a bit. I don't share all of Bill Maher's views on religion, but it did crystalize for me how fervently I resent the role that extreme religious beliefs play in our world. And I laughed a bunch. Totally worth the 80 mile drive. Except that last night we went to see "W" and discovered that "Religulous" is now playing here in Jax. Oh well, Gainesville has a Chipotle, so it was still worth it.

Seeing "W" was a different story. The parts that could be humorous won't be for another decade or so (if the world is able to recover somewhat by then). It is an absurdity that W is our president, but the destruction it has caused and continues to cause made the movie unbearable for us. And the thought that we could live through more of this idiocy with McCain/Palin made me ill. Maybe that was the point. Ugh.


InfoChef said...

You pinpointed it--it's an addiction! I've even moved my news feeds to a back tab at my iGoogle page. (...I've added the adorable leaf-raking raccoons banner, and am loving their daily antics. Speaking of addictions, iGoogle has me.)

So, I can't wait until the elections, and my more moderate SO has labeled any slight desire to see these movies as 'feeding the fire' so we haven't been.

codown2earth said...

I think I may have to wait at least until Nov 5 to see W... but a decade may be better. We have been driving 20 miles to see independent movies in more comfortable seats...our excuse being that we will probably not see a movie in a theater again for quite a while after December.

Per Chipotle.Com there is 1 in Jax and another opening soon.

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