Friday, October 10, 2008

A Night Out with the Guys

I love these people. With whom else, in a span of a few hours, can you:

- calculate that a human can walk 1000 feet on the fuel of a single marshmallow
- hear a review of today's Chippie Lunch at Fero's, picked on the basis of 'I've seen it but never tried it' at Colorado/Alameda. For the record, the foodie in the group called it the most 'varied yet smallest' menu ever--Japanese, steak, Italian, burgers; BTW, I'm pushing for a restaurant review page at their website!
- engage in discussion of what the architecture period between Victorian and Arts & Crafts is called and its stylistic details
- discuss wills, child support, late fees, familial relations, and the general failure of your average person to be organized enough to engage in or avoid these financial dealings

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codown2earth said...

A restaurant review page on their website would be excellent.