Wednesday, November 5, 2008

63% is a D

Sorry to be a downer, but figures are coming out (and I did my own election night math in a messy spreadsheet that isn't as scientific as the pontificators) that around 63% of eligible voters actually voted.

That's barely a passing grade. And it's sadly one of the highest turnouts ever.

So for all of the newly registered voters, there's the cashier at Target who didn't have time before she rushed to class that morning, the pessimistic father who feels disenfranchised from all systems, and those who didn't even access multitudinous voter registration opps.

Obviously, many people feel disenfranchised from the political system. Or something else is going on.
What to do? Who? Why?

Where were the other two-thirds?? I'm going to have to hope that none of them were women, or maybe they'd just as soon that we didn't have the right to vote.


codown2earth said...

On a positive note: your link has Colorado listed at 72% which on a 10-pt scale is a C. Only Oregon (79%), Minn (77%), and Maine (75%) are higher.

I am torn on uneducated voters. Do you think that everyone understood the hateful anti-affirmative action issue when they voted for it? Or do you think some of those approx 50% read it for the first time in the booth and got suckered in by the misleading language?

codown2earth said...

Good News... it looks like 46 didn't pass after all.