Friday, November 7, 2008

Vent: Comcast

Comcast needs a freaking IT governance framework for support. In english, please? They need a standard troubleshooting process for problems.

We have had the same problem all week but every technicians has their own theory on the cause. The tech earlier this week was certain it was a splitter issue. The guy I have somehow managed to talk to multiple times on the phone is certain it is a bad modem yet the tech who came this afternoon to replace the modem, he decided it must be the wiring from the telephone pole and refused to replace the modem. I think the problem is that they aren't truly cross trained across TV, internet, and phone so folks just pick what they know to replace. (JB thinks each tech gets paid more for certain task and that is all they do.)

GRRRHHHHHH... So if I appear to hang up on you- it is not personal. It just means I am still in Comcast Tech Support hell.

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InfoChef said...

Maybe you should help them in your future career.