Monday, October 31, 2005

action packed weekend in review

Every month or so, codown2earth & jeepboy have an action packed weekend... Usually sandwiched between several lame-o married couple weekends. This last weekend was of the action packed variety. Friday night we saw Drew Carey & the Improv AllStars at the new convention center lecture hall. Drew Carey et al were hilarious. They did this mouse trap gig that you have to see to believe. However, we were less overjoyed with cocktails (they have a silly pour spout that only allows a "1 oz pour") and the uncomfortable seats. Thumbs down to the Lecture Hall venue. =( Saturday night was borderline lame-o married couple with dinner & movie. The Weather Man is more American Beauty black than expected but good. Sunday afternoon we stumbled into a new local spot (close to free Sunday parking) : McLoughlin's Restaurant and Bar. Strongbow Cider on tap with very impressive $9 - 14 plates- very fresh & excellent presentation. And not an ash tray in sight. Then we headed to six flags to ride rollercoasters in the icy/rain and "enjoy" the haunted house. (or at least one of us enjoyed it). Would recommend McLouglin's to food snobs, late night dinners, & strongbow fans. yummm!

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InfoChef said...

So nice to be able to catch up on our friends' relevant tips and tidbits.

I love being a blogger. Thanks, all, for sharing! Even the lively language, too--I need a little excitement in my day.