Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Colorado gives Grover Norquist the bird

Neener neener neener to Doug Bruce and his sidekick John Caldera too.

In a shocking move, the voters of Colorado have passed Referendum C to time out the TABOR amendment and put a halt on the anti-tax crusade spreading like wildfire to other states. In the surprise of the century, it turns out that 3% of voters actually read their ballots, thought for themselves and rejected Referendum D (the highway construction cash grab and mortgage of our future) despite the campaign’s best effort to package the two as a deal. Please refer to the posting below where the intelligent ladies of craft day suggested this vote split.

For the second election in a row the voters of Colorado have taken their power back from the crazy crackhead conservatives that have held us hostage for a long long time. Grover Norquist (aka, Dr. Evil) pumped million into our state to defeat C and the voters told him to fuck off. We’re so, so happy.

PS You can come to Denver with an ounce of pot and not be arrested due to the passage of the Ref. 100. Let’s hear it for well-organized stoners!


InfoChef said...

Wow, the Foul Language Censor is really going to have to visit our blog and have a talk with DenverHotPants.

Tell us how you really feel, sure--but there are some resident prudes here.

Isn't it great to know that this is all on the web for public consumption?!

DenverHotPants said...

Remeber the first rule of the blog? There is no moral authority of the blog. Be careful or I will post some porn.

InfoChef said...

Oh, I thought I WAS the moral authority!?!