Wednesday, October 26, 2005


DenverHotPants went to the gym today to – well – make her pants hotter. Unfortunately she encountered a geezer in the shortest shorts ever seen on a straight man. So short his – well – balls hung lower than the hem line. Dude, why? You are an old man (ok, sadly your butt looks better in short shorts than mine does). And, regardless, no one wants to see your package even worse, your short hairs. Gross. Stop it. It’s the Y, not club med (not that it would be appropriate there either).

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Team Caliente Pantalones said...

It seems inappropriate gym-gear is a universal! HP01’s Y is full of ball-bearing old geezers. WTF?

BTW, thanks for the prego WhiteT doll, DenverHotPants. You sure know how to put a smile on a fellow-HotPant’s face!