Thursday, November 10, 2005

Denver now located near seventh ring of hell.

Infochef, you may want to stop right here because I am about to use profane language.

We will never have winter again. It is a goddamn inferno outside and we are likely to hit a record high of 78 degrees today! It is supposed to be hotter here than it is in fucking Phoenix. For fucksake it is the middle of November and I live in Denver. Hey George Bush, why isn’t it snowing!!?? Please have a chat with your Intelligent Designer and tell him to turn the air conditioning back on. You may also want to have a chat with your “scientists” and see if they have found any evidence of global warming yet.

Need more information on the rings of hell? Click here for the descriptions of the levels.
And for much more fun, take this test to find out what level of hell you will be banished to.

DenverHotPants will be banished to the Eighth Level of Hell: the Malebolge, with the rest of the fraudulent and malicious panderers.


Team Caliente Pantalones said...


Somehow I only fell to the second level of Hell with the lustful folk, as I have betrayed reason at the behest of my appetite for pleasure, and so here I am doomed to remain, which frankly, I'm down with it. Bring on the sexy parties. Anyway, perhaps you should get a little more naughty and traitorous to be lowered all the way into the 9th level, where you will apparently be able to escape global warming and be chilled by Satan's fluttery wings. Science simence; the devil controls the temperature. -HP03

HotPants01 said...

HP01 is very bummed that she will not be in level 8 with the brilliant DenverHotPants. BOOOO! But she's sure that there's room for Satan's helper, Mr. Chips, in level 8. As for HP01 damnation... it's not enough that she spends 18 hours of her day with HP03 & HP04, now she'll be stuck in the second level of hell with them for eternity. She's gonna need a cosmo, STAT!

InfoChef said...

Level 6 for me! Not too far behind you, DHP!

codown2earth said...

I am bummed that we will not all be together in the afterlife... Level 3 for me.