Thursday, November 10, 2005

To the owner of the child-free restaurant, I salute you.

Re: NY Times Article "At Center of a Clash, Rowdy Children in Coffee Shops".

Finally some savvy restaurant owners have taken aim at the scourge of the restaurant scene . . . bad parenting. Note to the stroller crowd . . . No longer will your screaming brats be tolerated in closed public places. Baby-sitters exist for a reason.

My new hero is Mr. McCauley of the Chicago bakery A Little Taste of Heaven. He has outlawed the little bastards in his establishment (note to self, I will remember to frequent this establishment next time I’m in the windy city, especially since it is being boycotted by soccer moms).

On the boycott . . . Mr. McCauley, 44, said the protesting parents were "former cheerleaders and beauty queens" who "have a very strong sense of entitlement." In an open letter he handed out at the bakery, he warned of an "epidemic" of antisocial behavior.

Right on, my friend, right on.

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InfoChef said...

CreamyCrafter, I'm sure, will not be a bad parent, house a little bastard, or be part of a stroller crowd, although I'm sure sporting events and mothering are part of the plan!