Tuesday, November 22, 2005

No more sucking!

Okay hotpants, I am blogging. I have thinking a lot lately about important subjects like speedos and jello. What kind of dude wears a speedo in public and not a swim meet? Some of my gay male friends seem to think they are great but really now... UCK! For years we have debating is jello a desert or salad? I still do not know but my latest quesiton is, how does one make the perfect jello mold? I tryed to make one for a party recently and it was a complete disaster.


codown2earth said...

My last jello (xmas 2004) turned into a "relish". It was black cherry jello, canned cherries, and a bottle of red wine. I have been told that I used too much booze. The booze is not suppose to exceed the amount of cold water suggested on the box. We need our Iowa Peeps to jump in here for Jello support.

DenverHotPants said...

I am very proud of all the blogging activities of the crafters. Yea!

I still contend that Jello is a salad. I don't beleive that horse hooves belong in the dessert category. Not that they belong in the salad category either, but they are a greater desecration of the molten chocolate cake category than they are the broccoli category.

craftylolita said...

Shitsngrin I think in your case jello is best consumed in shooter form. Fuck salad or dessert, it's an intoxin.