Tuesday, November 22, 2005

weekend in review

Jeepboy & I decided to find the greatest virtual distance from reality and selected the latest Harry Potter flick as the center of our date night. The details were different but the story line the same as the previous Potter flicks. One notable difference is the age of the audience. The theater once filled with elem school aged fans dressed in capes with hand painted forehead bolts has now been replaced with 20-something sci fi geeks looking to fill the lord of the rings void. I feel pretty lukewarm about the movie. Our pre-movie dining at the paramount cafe can be described as lukewarm as well... Specifically the temp of our skillet nachos when they arrived at the table. Note: Potter flick is long & paired with dinner- it's tough to get out of the parking garage in less than 4 hours. Here is a little sneaky game the pavilions play: If you exceed your 4 hour movie parking voucher- even if just by 35 minutes, for example- they charge you the same $7/flat rate as if you had not gone to a movie at all.

A weekend wouldn't be a weekend w/o breakfast out but we need a break from the old stand-bys (e.g., Dixons, Racines, Monas, Cafe Cafe, Mercury Cafe, Watercourse). Any recommendations from fellow crafters?


DenverHotPants said...

Lucilles!! Alameda & Logan. Best. Breakfast. Ever.

codown2earth said...

We hit Luciles today. To quoteJeepboy, "Luciles Rocks".

Almost as good as the food was listening to the 80 year olds next to us discussing google.