Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Real Women

Did you read the NYT Magazine from this past Sunday, October 30?

Well, this is a depressing article,
Maureen Dowd reminisces about the death of feminism, which apparently
went out about 15 years ago. Not the radical kind either. The smart,
independent thinking kind of woman. That we all are. Or I thought we

Maybe she's wrong?

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DenverHotPants said...

Damn, that's a long article and I only read page one, but I'll tell you what happened to the feminist movement . . . we made it a one issue movement. Abortion. We did it to ourselves. The only issue women seemingly care about is reproduction. Not poverty (which is gender specific), or pay and benefits equity, or continuing oppression doled out by societal norms. Nope, abortion, that's it. It is the only thing women hold decision-makers accountable for. We sold ourselves out.