Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Again, with the evil empire . . .

Put Christ in Christmas or Wherever Else He Belongs
From Wonkette . . .The religious right is thumping Bibles over the Bushes instances that other religious celebrations occur during the month of December by sending out "holiday" cards rather than "Christmas" cards, a kind of fake controversy that always makes us want to remind people that Jesus was born in April, anyway.


codown2earth said...

Not only was he born in April... Jesus was not a European white man. Jesus Christ was a black man -a dark skinned Hebrew Israelite from Northern Africa.

codown2earth said...

Rev. NCDown2Earth's quote on the topic (from local newspaper):

“The best kind of diversity is one that allows for multiple celebrations, not one that negates all those diverse ways of looking at things,’’ she said. “I respect the Jewish tradition, the Muslim tradition, the Christian tradition and others as well.

“I think we need to find a way to live together so we can honor what is important to us.’’