Tuesday, December 6, 2005

speaking of ubiquitous Evil Empire...

"In a disturbing nationwide trend, more state studies are revealing that Wal-Mart employees are the top recipients of taxpayer-paid health care. The scope of this corporate failure is massive: Wal-Mart is the largest private employer in the United States, with over 1.3 million associates, yet they fail to give health insurance to 53 percent of its employees."

Jeepboy is keen to get a Costco membership; the buzz on buyblue looks good but I would be interested in any other scoop crafters might have heard on Costco.

On a semi-related note (and to avoid creating a new entry)... positive reviews for Hilario's on 38th. Jack-n-Grill & Taco Jalisco were both closed last night when the craving for real mexican hit. The margs here remind me of a college hangout. The salsas were all very good- lots of sweet onion in the one served with chips. Good sauces with my tacos al carbon too.

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InfoChef said...

Costco ranks high in employee pay/benefits/retention, pricing practices, and general human decency. We are wanting to switch our membership to Costco, but the tug at inner-city convenience is a drawback to doing so.

There have been several NYT articles of late, showering the CEO with compliments and noting good business practices followed by Costco.