Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Gratuitous photos of animals we love.

Just because they make us smile, and what's a blog for if not to post pictures of your loved ones?

1. Killian - "Old Lady"
2. Lula
3. Ateball & Barkley

4. Mr. Chips - "Bastard"
5. Oliver - "Old Man"
6. "Ricky Racoon", "Train" & "Tank"

7. Timmy (the late), Turk & Miss G.
8. Another gratuitous photo of Old Man Oliver.
9. Okay, if we are putting up photos of our dogs, here is the cutest one of them all, Picasso! (editorial comments provided by shitsngrins who gets such comments due to the inconsiderate deleting of her previous post of the cute dog).

1 comment:

HotPants01 said...

Mr. Chips' ego has ballooned, now that he is deemed blog-worthy. BTW, he won't stop yelling "fucker" at everyone in sight. AS for the Old Lady, she's just honored to grace the same web-page as her long-lost-love Oliver..."Why won't you love me, Oliver? I know your a cat and I am a dog, but let's get beyond these societal barriers!"