Thursday, December 1, 2005

Musgrave must go!

I do not know about you but I nearly pucked my guts out after seeing the picture of President Bush a.k.a. shrub kissing Marilyn Musgrave on the front page of the Denver Post! That woman belongs in the nut house not the US house. But there is good news we can send Marilyn home and elect a rising star in her place, Angie Paccione. Angie is a passionate advocate for people in her district and most importantly she is in touch with reality. The President raised a lot of money for the gay hating Musgrave so good people like us crafters need to send Angie money. Here is where to send it: Paccione for Congress PO Box 1292Fort Collins, CO 80522. Any amount is a good thing and do it today!

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codown2earth said...

You can also make credit card contributions on her website: