Friday, December 2, 2005

Real News, Faux News, difference getting blurry

I recently sent a link from The Onion to several folks w/o pointing out that it was satire. It was a story about the a fake scary "Christian" movement. Several recipients thought it was real b/c it was believable to them that "Christians" would select to home church their children after they "discovered they were learning to embrace foreigners and Big Government in Sunday school." (Click here for the story-

At our house, we get most of our news from The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. While both claim to be faux news, we find a whole lot more truth & information in this hour than on network news. [I won't even waste our blog space on Fox "News". ]

Comcast.Net now includes a week in weird feature on Fridays. It list actual real news from the Associated Press that sounds as if it belongs on The Onion or Daily Show. Here are some selections from today:

Mazda Discourages Employees From Driving

Animal Lover Suspended for Squirrel Rescue

Grandmother Charged in Baby Jesus Theft

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DenverHotPants said...

What, the Daily Show is 'fake' news?! Damn, I guess it is just too smart to be real.

In continuing with the "layer of hell" theme of the blog, here is a favorite from The Onion . . . "Tenth Circle Added to Rapidly Growing Hell".

"A nightmarishly large glut of condemned spirits in recent years necessitated the expansion of Hell," inferno spokesperson Antedeus said. "The traditional nine-tiered system had grown insufficient to accommodate the exponentially rising numbers of Hellbound."

Adding to the need for expansion, Antedeus said, was the fact that a majority of the new arrivals possessed souls far more evil than the original nine circles were equipped to handle. "Demographers, advertising executives, tobacco lobbyists, monopoly-law experts retained by major corporations, and creators of office-based sitcoms–these new arrivals represent a wave of spiritual decay and horror the likes of which Hell has never before seen," Antedeus said. "

Now that's some funny stuff.