Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Holiday Fridge Tour 2005

As promised, InfoChef was thinking of you fellow Crafters during her sojourn and did visually capture the Fridges of Nancy. There are pictures....someday you might see them....
Fridge Shot 1: Pre-holiday festivities shot includes appetizers for the random engagement party for the daughter of a friend of my mother's (boy, did I feel old at that one--I was closer in age to most of the parent guests than the daughter's guests!) and preparations for mexican christmas meal
Fridge Shot 2: Post Christmas leftovers and an open bottle of wine

Then we move on to just some of the other stops on the Tour of Fridges,
the drawers,
one of the wine coolers (these people chill their red wine, too--ugh),
and the beverage fridge (hey, the main fridge only dispenses ice cubes, not crushed ice....)

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creamycrafter said...

Relatives I recently spent time with have way too many fridges too. Baffling and infuriating!

One relative's home has three fridges for the family of 4. One in the kitchen, one in the laundry room for extra stuff and beverages (an endless supply of diet caffeine free coke), and then husband has his own fridge in the garage for hunting meat or his own snacks or whatever. His fridge is covered in the patterned metal that tool boxes or pick up truck beds are covered with. Apparently there is a whole line of these "masculine" appliances out there.

The other relative (a single woman) has a deep freeze full of stale food and a fridge full of stale food and beverages in her garage. Imagine keeping those puppies going in the 100 degree plus heat of south Texas 365 days a year. She also has a huge fridge in her kitchen. The thing is full of god knows what. She eats like a bird so I am not sure what the psychological implications are for her hoarding habits. It was slim pickings to find a piece of fruit or fresh vegetable in her house. Iceberg salad and canned wax beans were the only vegetables served while I was there. Oh, and an apple and an orange popped up once.

I feel very arrogant to say all this but really I enjoy my half empty fridge. I even considered only including an apartment size fridge in my kitchen remodel a year or so ago. No wonder we are consuming massive quantities of energy every day in this county. Millions of aging baby boomers and their crazy offspring and keeping piles of stale white bread and leftover turkey carcasses in their fridges! And for what! Who eats that stuff?!!

I secretly want to sneak into people's homes and unplug their extra fridges and deep freezers or accidently prop them open with a pencil. Then I'd stand outside and watch the slimmy ooze creap out from under their garage doors. Alas, they'd just cry, plug the sucker in again, and fill it up with crap once more.