Sunday, February 26, 2006

That Bloody Mary Kicked My Ass

The DHP week in review.

Let’s start at the end. Holy crap the blood marys at the Mercury Café are potent and left DHP down for the count until about 3:00 in the afternoon when I finally made it off the couch and to the gym. The evening was spent watching Capturing the Friedmans, a very disturbing documentary that is definitely worth putting on your netflix queue.

Given that most of DHP’s days and evenings were spent at the capitol this week that is most of the news I have to report. Plus there was some pretty funny shit that happened there this week. Here are some of the highlights and lowlights . . .

* The Catholic Church was called what it is . . . “the Child Sexual Assault Lobby” . . . for fighting a bill that would have lifted the statute of limitations for reporting child sexual assault. Clearly the Archbishop has no shame.

The anti-immigration proponents were called what they are – racists – a number of times in a marathon (and very painful and hateful) hearing on Tuesday. When Rep. Schultheis complained about being called a racist shouting at an opponent “You are the one who brought up the issue of race. No one else did.” Rep. Carroll fired back “Rep. Schultheis, your comments are disingenuous. You were the one who said ‘We might as well just go build schools in Mexico’, in your introduction of this bill.”

* Deanna Hanna is a dumbass. In the words of CD2E, “she also needs to be removed because her name is irritating.”

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