Saturday, May 6, 2006

4 hour window.... the saga continues

Day 1
11:52 am : I am almost 1 hour into the 4 hour window for the cable guy. It's actually the VoIP guy/gal from the cable company but that makes the 4 hour window no less annoying.

I think I might begin to apply 4 hour windows to things on my work calendar. The meeting will be held sometime between 11 am and 3pm- just hang out & wait. Could you imagine?

I totally expect a phone call at 2:57 to reschedule. Yet, I am not out having bloody mary's with DHP or lunch with InfoChef because I am here waiting in the dreaded 4 hour window.

1:08 pm: Past the half way point of the 4 hour window. Still no cable guy.

2:35 pm: Cable guy has come. He said he actually stopped by at 9am - when I was at the grocery- BEFORE THE 4 HOUR WINDOW. As if the 4 hour window is not annoying enough- now you expect a 4 hour window before the 4 hour window???

Everything is half broken as I should learn to expect. I am now tethered to the modem as the wireless router is unhappy.

Oh, and they gave us the wrong phone #. We have someone elses # who ported it from Qwest. They can't start to fix that until the workorder is closed at the end of the day. I am sure who ever's number we have is just as thrilled as I am.

Day 2
8:05 am: Wireless LAN is back up due to Jeepboy's excellent mac address cloning skills. Encryption is also restored so no more poaching for the neighbors.

Still no phone number and I have already had to use the F word with a customer service agent before breakfast but we downloaded comics from comedy central motherload on all computers while talking on new VOIP & had no cut outs so the pain may payoff in the long run... and I still haven't given those evil bastards at Qwest a dime.

Apparently I need rejuvenation & pampering- per our guest commenter- so I best get on that.

Day 3
7:47 am: It appears that only loser customer service agents work on the weekend. Both women who I spoke to - as there is no option for VOIP on the touch tone menu, it requires a manual transfer to get to the correct team- were human. And the VOIP rep today was actually able to read the account history & provide useful information. Now that said- still no phone # or anything crazy like that but I do feel hopeful again. Today they were also able to schedule a call back when the work is complete- something no one over the weekend was able to do.

Day 4
10:20 am: No call back as expected so Three transfers, 32 minutes on the phone/26 of those minutes on hold.... "Ma'am, it appears the problem is with our internal systems routing procedure. It will be Thursday (aka, Day 6 of the 4 hour window) before the phone number is updated. I have credited your account $5 to offset the delay."

Note: Overall, even though I still don't have an inbound phone number, this experience is still better than Qwest and Vonage.

Day 5
2:10 pm: Still no phone number but outbound calls are a smashing success.

Day 6
4:30 pm: Calling phone number from home phone welcomes me to a voicemail set up. Calling phone number from cell phone tells me it is still not connected. I tried to be patient and boy did that backfire as the customer service agent I got this late in the afternoon is clearly back in the sub contracted call center in a low security prison. 4:38 pm: The ticket has now been escalated and will be resolved in the next 21 hours. Oh, and here is something fun & new, the new number now appears on caller ID but can still not accept inbound calls.

6:45pm: And the window closes... we have a functioning phone.


waltzeswithdogs said...

so sorry your afternoon spent this way, when we know you need rejuvenation and pampering.

DenverHotPants said...

Yea, but what is your pirate name?

InfoChef said...

I'm's like watching soap operas all over again!

Keep the installments coming!

DenverHotPants said...

And then Qwest has to go and do something nice like be the only phone company not to turn over your phone records. Oye.,2777,DRMN_23910_4691037,00.html