Sunday, June 25, 2006

misc opinions & observations

Fried pickles are best left as a once a year adventure.
Shakespeare's Pool Hall is becoming a Natural Food Grocery. El Forestero is becoming a drive thru Starbucks.
Even Sunday Night TV sucks in the Summer.
How did couples settle factual debates before the internet? How else could one so quickly prove that the guy from Skid Row has a recurring guest spot as a band member of Lane's on Gilmore Girls?
Silver is better than Gold. I have recently discovered that I really like a nice silver tequila. Right now I am enjoying a lovely tart cocktail of orangina, fresh lime juice, and tequila. A few more sips & I am going to have to retire to the front porch rocking chairs. Cheers.

So, I'm not sure if adding to someone's blog is kosher, but thought I'd attempt it anyway since really, all I had to post was random thoughts and I loved CD2E's list.

DHP’s misc opinions & observations

1. Ass-less pants are not for everyone. This includes chaps worn with nothing but a g-string.
2. Neither are neon purple spandex shorts pulled up to your belly button . . . expecially on men.
3. My next mobile phone will have a camera. There are too many priceless moments that need to be captured and added to the blog. NOTE TO SHE’SCRAFTY . . . the photo with the square-dancing dragqueen in the rainbow doe-see-doe skirt is priceless, but putting it on the blog would reveal my secret identity. Thank you for volunteering at PrideFest!
4. Dating is a very humiliating experience. The worst. Awful. I was turned down by a total dork wearing self hemmed shorts (they used to be pants) with rolled down tube socks. He was one of the only straight guys at PrideFest and I, one of the only straight women, and he still denied my invite for beers. This is just pathetic.
5. My cat has an ear infection and it is stinking up the whole house.
6. Hell’s Kitchen is the worst show on television right now and I still watched it. Chef Ramsay is an asshole and spends the entire time sreaming at the contestants. Also, he makes them call him “Chef”. Not Chef Ramsay, Chef. Evidently he has not seen South Park.
7. Here is the recipe for Chocolate Salty Balls ala Chef on South Park. Damn I wish I could find the song download. Maybe JB can help with that.


InfoChef said...

Hell's Kitchen--yes, very poor tv, but intriguing for the foodie, nonetheless.

Rock on, Sara.

DenverHotPants said...

CD2E, I see that your neighborhood has now become completely "crackified". Replacing a dive taqueria with a Starbucks signals the end.

codown2earth said...

El Forestro is a "Western Wear" store. There were two across the street from each other on Federal at 44th. This allowed for excellent customer service as the patrons were always on the right side of Federal to stop in. Also the staff would frequently meet in the left turn lane of Federal to swap jeweled belt buckles and matching cowboy hats. Never fear- There is still a location next to the 7-11.

So far my favorite taqueria's have all figured out how to stay afloat: sell crackers $6 margaritas & beers.

codown2earth said...

PS- No problem on the adding to post. Don't bother me at all.

codown2earth said...

We saw the same Chef Ramsay on a different show on BBC America. He was much nicer & constructive. This will shock you but I think Fox might manipulate the show to be over the top.[gasp!]

JB says when he worked in a kitchen he called the Chef, "Chef".

DenverHotPants said...

But can he help us get the audio on Chocolate Salty Balls?

codown2earth said...

JB says there is not such an interest in south park tunes in the underbelly of remaining free music downloads. He was also unsuccessful in my recent request for Michael Jackson tunes. (who doesn't need "want to be starting something" on their i-pod?)

DenverHotPants said...

I totally need want to be starting something on my i-pod. My recent i-pod downloads include P!nk and Eminmem. I should note that the ipod is used for working out at the gym, which today I did not need music for as my two-hour workout was fueled by pure rage. Immigration. Need I say more?