Friday, August 11, 2006

another random friday post

Sitting on the plane during boarding on Wednesday, I hear a familiar tune on the Muzak (not the in flight radio, the over the speaker boarding music played for all). At first I can't place it. And then I realize- holy shit, this is an instrumental cover of a Nine Inch Nails song! (I was back from my trip before the great shampoo and toothbrush ban. Co-workers report that-as expected- the biggest problem is dumb people who think they are above the rules. Oh, and all the drug dogs & special TSA vest are kinda creepy.)

Our corporate email has been unstable since last Friday which in theory should have made this the most productive week ever... but in reality it has left everyone lost & confused.

Here is a movie I would NOT recommend: RV. Saw it on the plane this week. I think I know what drove Robin Williams back to drinking.

How come no one pulls a surprise house cleaning on CD2E?
Here is a funny bit about taco sauce returns.

Grand Prix is loud & annoying.

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InfoChef said...

Perhaps Taco Bell should consider giving away LESS taco sauce packets.