Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Primary election thoughts

A friend emailed me today about the lack of a post from us on the primary elections. Elections are never 100% the way I would want them to be but overall I was pretty happy about the results.

Things I am happy about:
-PhRMA's friend, Fran Coleman only getting 15% in the SD 32 race!
-Lois Tochtrop winning the SD24 race (even after Trailhead robodialed into her district during the immigration special session.) Best of all ...
-The freak Mark Paschall getting beat in his primary for the Jefferson County Treasurer!

Things that make me wish I was from another state:
-Doug Lamborn (the wierdo who boasts about introducing more anti-choice legislation then any one in the CO legislature) winning the 5th CD primary. He will join Muskrat and Tancrazy as yet another Colorado nut ball.
-Emily's list endosed candidates, Peggy Lamm and Jennifer Mello losing their primaries.

Those are my thoughts, what are yours?


InfoChef said...

Vote no.

InfoChef said...

Oh, and celebrating that we don't have to vote on crazy Ref. C re-do.

shitsngrins said...

So ture adn very happy not to fight Caldera and company!