Monday, September 25, 2006

Where are the Renegade Crafters?

It's quiet... a little too quiet. Where are the Renegade Crafters? This blog is like a ghost town. There is a rumor that creamycrafter has high speed internet at home and yet I see no free bird sister interviews. What gives?

On our way to Manitou Springs last week we drove through a 4-bucks somewhere in the beige land between Denver & Co Springs. The 4-bucks actually shared a drive thru with a bank so that you could hit the ATM and then order your Quad Shot Venti Vanilla Latte.

Sunday Brunch at Lola is much better than Sunday Brunch at Duo. (Note: The menu online is out of date.) $4 Pint Bloody Mary's & Marias. $5 for the Chili-Infused Vodka Bloody.

DHP should avoid the Zoo on Sunday. Lots of sports utility strollers for her to kick. After watching an Ape stick out it's tongue at the delight of the crowds, Jeepboy quote of the (insert random timeperiod): "That ape has better comedic timing than Anne Heche."

There is a new version of blogger in beta. It's not yet ready for "team blogs". It has a cool "label" feature that allows you to categorize post. (Infochef & DHP- the site admin is more click & drag but there is still an option to edit html.) Other blog services have this ability already, including whatever Will uses. While not a good example of Categories, here is an entertaining post on Garage Sales.

There are many a Vote Yes on 1A yard signs in my neighborhood... often sharing lawns with Ritter/O'Brien signs. Hick is for it. So, "Just Vote No" brigade, give us the skinny.... UPDATE: DHP pointed out why the "Just Say No" rule should apply to 1A: It is not DPS Preschool. It is a voucher program. And as every good liberal knows, vouchers are bad news. (Invest in public schools!)

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InfoChef said...

So much for the No on the Numbers campaign, I guess. No on the Numbers EXCEPT your local issue doesn't have the same ring.

Speaking of which, does someone have the capability of making a graphics file of our campaign slogan? If so, it can be uploaded to CafePress and we'll be in business with our first item--bumper stickers. And aprons, of course.

P.S. Love the tumbleweed.