Sunday, October 8, 2006

45 Years! Tribute to Welder Boy

This sunday is Welder boy's 45th birthday. I thought it only appropriate that we blog a bit in tribute to him.

Welder boy is a crafters best friend. Who else would bring soddering equipment especially to help us repair jewelry and lamps? Welder boy is quite the trip..a legacy in Denver. He has a wall of fame in his name in the Habitat for Humanity metro office. Not to mention the sheer amount of property he owns or has rehabed in the city. Even more, he is quite a supporter of free enterprise - coin operated dryers in his rental homes, mentoring a local janitorial services business owner, investing in a starch processing plant in the far reaches of South America, and giving countless jobs to deserving illegals. Who else could renovate a two story victorian home in the late 80's soley with the help of homeless individuals who stumbled into his life and unsuspecting young volunteers who signed up to spend a year living in community? I'd give a few bucks to go back in time and see him taking apart the family tractor as a youngster or to hear the comments of the Vietnamese country folk as he sped away on a motorcycle during his travels around the globe.

We all must raise a keg'o'rator mug of brew to him! I have walked train tracks with him and sat in church pews near him and he is a good friend and a one of kind guy. Many crafters have called upon him to help with crime scene clean up and carpentry or just thrown back a host of drinks along with him so post your thoughts on this special occassion.

Happy Birthday Welder boy!


DenverHotPants said...

Serious props to WelderBoy (aka EngineerBoy)! Never a party to miss, DHP will be there to ring in his 45th!

codown2earth said...

Cheers to Welder Boy!