Saturday, October 21, 2006

This week in Tivo.

I Pity the Fool- a TV land original. So here we have Mr. T playing the role of SuperNanny to dysfunctional families. Why, yes. It is as bad as it sounds. And the 3 minutes I was able to stand never answered the burning question: "What happened to all of Mr. T's bling?"

The sharks are circling on the set of The Office (US-NBC). Where's the Fun-nay? Need more Jim & Dwight.

I am always amazed at who shows up in the guest seat on Daily Show. However, Stephen Colbert's interview "style" seems to discourage visitors. So many representatives have turned down his invite for the Better Know A District stint that he has had to launch Better Know A Challenger.

The jury is still out on Joan Cusack's Local Flavor. (Travel Channel)


InfoChef said...

Okay, I got sidetracked on the Colbert site about protectorates...given that we now need a passport to travel to these areas, I asked myself: What is a protectorate?

And I endeavored to share this information with you all.

But instead, what I find, is that we spent $16.5 million on a fitness center in the U.S. Virgin Islands and $192 million on miscellaneous expenses in FSM. I am too disheartened to continue--see for yourself at

DenverHotPants said...

I am very sad about the downward spiral of The Office. We need more Jim & Pam too!