Thursday, October 26, 2006

What $1 Buys You in Denver Food

Spending adequate time with CSR and construction this week. Here's what, according to WeldingMan and a few meals of my own, we know:

$1 - cans of PBR at the 'restaurant' (and I use that term loosely, though they do serve tostones) at the Ramada on Colfax
$2 - Vietnamese sub sandwich at the northernmost storefront in the strip mall behind the old organ sing-a-long place on Alameda
$2 - your choice, hijiki or miso soup at the-restaurant-formerly-known-as-Sushi-Heights
$4 - dinner--yes, dinner--at Kiva, formerly known as Tosh's...$3.95 to be exact; highest priced item is $7.95

So, say goodbye to the $8 coffee at Duo, and hello to $1.75 double espressos at Blackberries in the 'hood.


codown2earth said...

Could WeldingMan & Infochef suggest some reasonablely priced Bloody Marys? The $8 coffee service for 3-4 at Duo isn't as silly as the $7 Bloody Mary for 1 that seems to be popping up on every brunch menu?

InfoChef said...

WeldingMan is always open for a drink--I suggest you plan to drop by the back porch for total out of pocket cost of $0.

But seriously, I will work on this.