Saturday, October 28, 2006

Weekend Review

Running with Scissors: Oscar-worthy? Yes. Mad-Cap-Romp? No. It is less Royal Tenenbaum than the commercials lead you to believe and more A Beautiful Mind.

In Denver, it seems you can either get excellent food or excellent service but rarely both at the same location. Sadly, dinner at Mona's is not the magic intersection*. (Granted, Jeepboy used to manage a 4 Star restaurant in Vail so our standards are high.) The food was excellent and they did buy us dessert to compensate for the wait. Dinner included Smoked Trout with maple-balsamic drizzle, butternut ravioli, crab cake BLT, and roasted pear salad.

In case you were wondering, here are a few places where we have found the magic intersection on at least 90% of our visits: Jax, McCormicks, and Solera. All of which support the theory that you get what you pay for.

Blue Man Group at Pepsi Center was excellent. Almost as good as the permanent show in Vegas which is AMAZING and worth the splurge.

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