Sunday, November 26, 2006

Giving Thanks for Puerto Vallarta

DHP successfully resisted all temptation to communicate with the outside world on her whirlwind trip to Puerto Vallarta over the holiday weekend. And, it was so worth it. The Crafters must plan a May trip to the beach. It is rejuvenating . . . and inexpensive. Though pet-care would need to be pre-arraigned.

The crazy surprise of the holiday weekend happened at the restaurant chosen by DHP’s dad for Thanksgiving Dinner. Kaiser Maximilion featured chef Rebecca Weitzman of Denver’s own CafĂ© Star. I had the Beef tenderloin with green onion and goat cheese potato croquette, corn, caramelized shallots, thyme demi glace . . . so fucking good. And, as an added bonus, the beef was “organic from Colorado”. Hooray for our ranchers.

This post comes from a much better place than DHP’s “Personal Hell” post of last-year’s Thanksgiving. I say that from now on, the Crafters spend the holiday abroad, maybe even together. Any takers?

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codown2earth said...

While this wrap up is not as entertaining as last year, I am so glad you had a much needed relaxing vaca! I have avoided Cafe Star after the food poisoning at Stellas but maybe I will give it a try.